AVENSES is committed to provide unrivaled consulting services to medical companies by creating competitive advantage through unique solutions and ensuring sustainable impact. Succeeding together with passion and trust.

AVENSES is a leading medical consulting firm that offers a variety of consulting services and solutions to medical companies that are keen to penetrate into the Asian markets. AVENSES's forte is in the China market; additionally we have a presence in Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

As China is a fast growing market, it is a complex marketplace that is presented with a lot of opportunities. However, it is challenging to launch a product without having an appreciation for the country's local culture and business practices. Relationship (Guanxi) is key in doing business in China.

AVENSES's consultants have proven track records in helping medical companies to establish a competitive position, therefore we understand how businesses can succeed in China. AVENSES has played a vital role in many companies from strategy to market research to product registration and business development. We have the right expertise and experience in creating another success story for you.

Please feel free to contact AVENSES! We are always excited to explore businesses opportunities with you!